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Alphabets: Lemurian, Norse Runes, Unknown

Green Lemurian, as translated by Lemuria:

According to the aegean legends a most learned and subtle man called medes told the world of the place to erect an ocean spire, a sanctuary where the learned and wise could seek refuge from the cruelties of the world. Word of the plan spread far and wide, until there was not a man in the area who didn't know of the project. The idea was attractive, one that resonated with many who, up until now, had been too focused on survival to contemplate the higher truths in many a moon. They called themselves visionaries, and so set about the work of building an utopia. Work took decades, reaching far and wide, it enveloped others from lands remote and distant in the struggle for support. And support they needed, for it for it was an undertaking of truly mythic proportions, the likes of which had never been dreamed by minds of man. One would had thought that it was not possible to make so many prideful and strongheaded willworkers to cooperate, yet still the people who would later become known as the Silver Ladder managed to organize all their efforts towards one coherent and functioning plan. Even a large faction of protoguardians were involved in this, bringing their special brand of information and evaluating expertise to the table. This fashion did they make sure that no Seers, Banishers, Scelesti, Tremere nor any sort of left hanged or unwholesome persons ever achieved any power or involvement in the great undertaking. Indeed, most of them did not even know of its existence or thought it was something else entirely, and some were even lead to believe that they had secretly succeeded in subverting the enterprise. In any case, a new home for magic was being made, safe and glorious both. To make this happen they forged countless spells of great magnitude and unparalleled importance, utilizing as well imbued items and artifacts of the highest potency and renown. To tie it all to the fallen world completely, making it secure and stable and without risk, they incorporated as many of the traditional Atlantean tools as possible, preferably those which were already magical items in their own right. Among these were the crystalline athame, the Hyperborean medallion of undying preservation, the wand of calamita, and many, many more. Of course, it was all in vain, for naught but disaster did they reap for their efforts. The Fall echoed once more as the second Ocean Spire sank beneath the waves to join the first.


I bury it in you (Norse runes in the middle of the text)
● (unknown alphabet, swirly type, in red ink)

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