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Red Ink:
And in that age so far remote
was carved by human hands unseen
of stone so monumental cold
to build remote from world unclean
a human habitation old.

Where world would end and shadows flee
atop high cliffs and chasms great
was dwelling made so safe to be
no monster could its hunger sate.

Was tegosmel the city named
and only there a man could find
the palace Gordhos-Ree most famed
where treasure lay to strike you blind.

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Black Ink:
Potestatem matres nostrae in tenebris
invoco. Maledictum filium tuum abomini
periculo custodias nunc et in saecula!

Invisible Ink:
To save the world you risk destroying it
Great endeavors can be usurped
Past returns again, again, the masks they change yet
do old figures still remain

Language: Latin

Latin Translations:
● "I call upon the power of our mothers in the darkness. Cursed shall be thy son, keep the danger of an abomination now and for ever!"

● "I call the power of our mothers in the darkness. Cursed shall be your son to keep now and for ever the danger of abominations!"

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