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endants despaired, believing that the end of all magic was at hand, that humans would forget how to Awaken completely. Then something changed, for all at once people began to find their way back to the Supernal once more, yet the method they used was strange and new to the existing mages. To better understand what was going on a select group of sages clinging to the ways of Atlantis gathered together to study this new way of reaching the Supernal. They sought out as many newly Awakened as they could, and interviewed them about their experiences. They tried to fin common themes and guidelines, to map the new process as thoroughly as possible. What they found amazed them. It was obvious that something drew the humans across to the Supernal. It opened the way for them, letting them walk a set of new paths, guided by a distant light and shining star in the worlds above. It also became apparent that there were a set of types of Awakenings now, different sorts and themes occurring again and again within their research samples.

Certain symbols, tendencies and resonances seemed to be coded into the very concept of Awakening, and among these they found the Towers, the Pillars of Heaven. But they were cloaked in metaphor, in figments and archetypes and imagination, and so the scholars made a rather grave mistake. Noticing that several of these towers were keyed to the ancient magical metals they assumed that there must be one tower per celestial metal, that there were in fact seven new paths to enlightenment. And so they built a shrine to honour, research and understand the new structure of the cosmos. In their holiest of holies they constructed seven pillars, made out of one perfected metal each, upon which they scribed their lore and their wisdom and their findings. This then was the Temple of the Seven Pillars, a testament to the fact that we too often think we know the truth because we like the theories and ideas and models we have come up with, and forget to check with reality.


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