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Alphabets: Hyperborean, Lemurian, Norse Runes, Sanskrit, Tengwar, Infernal

Tengwar alphabet
Line 2 - Blessed is he who rides on the wind
Line 5 & 6 - Exalted is he who commands the fire
Line 9 & 10 - Divine is he who hears the sermon in the thunder

Sanskrit alphabet
Line 1 - (translated into english) Under the tongue root a fight most dread, and another raging, behind, in the head
Line 3 - the night can make a man more brave
Line 4 - but not more sober
Line 7 - the night holds nothing
Line 8 - more dangerous than fear

Lemurian alphabet, blue ink
Line 11 - (The devil hath not in all his quivers)
Line 12 - (choice an arrow)
Line 13 - (like a sweet voice)

Towards bottom-right corner, green Lemurian lines:
Families suck
Families rock
They do both
They rock and they suck

Clutter of Hyperborean in bottom-left corner:

  • Maya, oldest of the 7 sisters, who gave birth in Arcadia space illusion

two words in red ink at the bottom to the left - Norse runes

  • Gematria ascendant

One word in sanskrit, bottom left, next to the red runes

  • maya

Three lines in Infernal at the bottom, right-hand side:

  • Beyond the north, beyond the ice, beyond death, our life, our happiness, our power.

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