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The High Ones

Now it has long been known that there are Powers in this world and beyond it, of great potential and who can be bargained with. Greatest and most ancient of the Old Ones are the Aeons of this world. Magnificent and terrible.

Are they placated in the proper fashion the investitures they can bestow exceed all others, and is known as a safe path to crafting magics past the level of Mastery. Among their number are counted nine: Khronos, god of the years, Lilith the empress of Magic itself, Ploutos who presides over all worldly wealth, Dahak, usurper of throne of Atlantis itself and patron of Hubris, Hel the half-rotted mistress of the underworld, Gabriel the Archangel of God's wrath, herne the hunter, fortuna who spins the wheel of chance, and vishnu the preserver.

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