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walking down the old motorways or standing in queues, away from their computers, away from the arcades that spring up overnight, but they play it in their heads in the meantime, combining shapes,

Atlantean: Ascension War

puzzling over contours, putting colours next to colours, twisting signals to new screen selections, listening to the music.

Atlantean: The Games of Divinity

Sure, people think about it, but mainly they play it. My record's eighteen hours at a stretch. 40'012 points, 3 fanfares. You play through the tears, the aching wrist, the hunger, after a while it all goes away.

Atlantean: Exarchs vs Oracles

All of it except the game, I should say. There's no room in my mind anymore; no room for other things. We copied the game, gave it to our friends. It transcends language, occupies our time,

Atlantean: Pax Arcanum (Translation: The secret of peace / The secret peace)

sometimes I think I'm forgetting things these days.
I wonder what happened to the TV. There used to be TV.
I wonder what will happen when I run out of canned food.
I wonder where all the people went. And then I see how, if I'm fast enough, I can put a black square next to a red line, mirror it and rotate them so they both disappear, clearing the left block for a white bubble to rise… <so they both disappear>. And when the power goes off for good then I will play it in my head until I die.

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