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There was a computer game. I was given it, one of my friends gave it to me, he was playing it, he said, it's brilliant, you should play it, and I did, and it was.

Tengwar (green): Aleph the Sacred River

I copied it off the disc he gave me for anyone, I wanted everyone to play it. Everyone should have this much fun. I sent it upline to bulletin boards but mainly got it out to all my friends. <Personal contact. That's the way it was given to me> My friends were like me: some were scared of viruses, someone gave you a game on a disc, next week or Friday the thirteenth it reformatted your harddisc or corrupted your memory. But this one never did that. This was dead safe. Even my friends who didn't like computers started to play:

(4*5+1) ● 7*2 ● 7 ● 3*5 ● 4*3 ● 9 ● 1 ● 8+6 ● 30¤-10
=> 21 ● 14 ● 7 ● 15 ● 12 ● 9 ● 1 ● 14 ● 20
(¤= ST notes: though it's not in the book there's supposed to be a zero here. Got left out by mistake)

As you got better the game gets harder; maybe you never win but you can get pretty good. I'm pretty good. Of course I have to spend a lot of time playing it. So do my friends. And their friends. And just the people you meet, you can see them,

(Continues on Page 34)

Alphabets: Norse Runes, Tengwar, Math

Annotations: ''aleph'' is also briefly mentioned on Page 160, as well as the letter being prominent on the Moth Parchment and the Asgartha Gate, and indirectly in the Garden of Alphabeta where the precipitation of letters was referred to as the ''aleph rain'' by the ''letterkeeper''.

Also, a somewhat similar string of letters and operations is to be found on Page 36, though in the Sanskrit numerals instead of the Hyperborean ones.

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