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(Part 2 of a double-page spread, together with Page 216)

Atlantean, Hyneb, Hyperborean, Infernal, Lemurian, Math, Norse, Sanskrit, Unknown



  • Red hyneb, on second page, after "lick it" entry: calix
  • Each page has a sigil at their center, a circle with a star inscribed within, with various symbols and letters, in various colors.


  • Seven-pointed star
  • Has the letters: B (infernal), "A" (latin), "B" (hyperborean), "A" (lemurian), "L" (hyneb), "O" (norse), "N" (atlantean)
  • -> Current guess is "Babalon"
  • -> If so, probably related to Page 164: "Second into third Thelemic Aeon requires assistance" (in norse runes)
  • At each point for the two heptagram-stars there is a small dot of ink, each in a different colour: Blue, Green, Red, Silver, Gold, Black, and White/Invisible, for 7 different ink-colours in total.
  • The six-pointed star has 6 letters and the seven-pointed star 7, each from a different alphabet, which adds up to 13 alphabets in total.


Translations & Transcriptions

Page (4*Cos(φ/3))*(5*Sin(φ/2)): I WEAR THE CHEESE, IT DOES NOT WEAR ME!….. (written across both pages, along the spine where they meet)


Page 1+( (357–117)/3): Sometimes allegory cloaks great truths we need to know, sometimes those truths shine unhidden (green, ornate)
Page k=4 : k3 + k2 – k]': iteration, segregation, correlation, translation; nevermore (black)
Page (9+7+6)/2: With genuinely serious topics the political is personal, the personal is political. With magic, the symbolic is sometimes very literal, and the literal is sometimes rather symbolic. (hyneb:) Or both (pale black)
Page ( (Cos φ)–2*Sin(5φ/6) )*(–42): Lick it. Liiiiiick it! Lick. It. Observe (pale black)
Page w=√(30-5) : ((1+3)/(1*3))*w3 +(22w2) – (23)w]': Though an onion has no core, still, some layers lie closer to the middle than others. The center cannot hold, the poet says, but knowing the story of the seed lets you understand the forest *strange glyph* (red)
Page 4:2 < [32 +3*2m–(3/2)] Lm: …unless you're a moros… (pale black)
Page [ Sin(45 deg)*((6*11)+34) ] –(5*(5–1)): The said and stated is eclipsed always by the unsaid and overlooked, whether intentionally or unintentionally unmentioned and ignored. (pale black)
Page (1 week of seconds) / (112–1)2: So fast you almost do not see it, which is where books are superior to video, as you can control what you wish to focus on more easily. You can look at the same page for hours, while learning the answer to "what have I not noticed until now?" (blue)
Page (42+3)z + 5z3 –2z2 –102]' : z=3: If I comment that I have nothing up my sleeve you will be so busy trying to spot what I have or have not hidden inside the sleeve that you won't notice that I'm wearing a wristwatch. (pale black)
Page 3:1 < [√9a2 + √4a + (11–1)] La *3: The lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow I shall not fear ? if h?? (blue lemurian)
Page 3y3]' + 9y]' + 15]' – 3y2]' : y=5: It is a truth of the world that we often learn more by asking questions than by having answers, for a question opens the mind to all the world. Who knows what it will find on the path to reaching the correct solution, if any even exists? (green)
Page 7:5 < [ √(4*102)s + (3/32) + (–s2) ] Ls: The problem is, how do you know you're seeing it right? Or that your frame of reference isn't way off base because of erroneous assumptions? (black)
Page (142+4)*Sin(5φ/6) + 22*Cos(2φ/3): (Red sanskrit)
Page (12/φ) * < Sin2j Lj : j=(φ/2): The imposition of order on formless chaos, the release of joyous chaos into the gray monotony of order. This is the true magic. All else is shadow. (Blue atlantean)
Page (53)–2: When faced with a recurring phenomenon, detecting commonalities or an underlying pattern often helps in understanding its purpose (multicoloured pencil)
Page f=3 : 1+f3]': Two pirate ships sail in the dead of night, each unaware of its brother in darkness. The villagers bemoan that the ship returns to plunder yet again (Blue lemurian)
Page (6*2)*(20/2) –2: vessel of light transport (Red lemurian)
Page Deg = φ Rad: In a puzzle each piece holds no meaning by itself, but by seeing in its shape and content how each piece fits together an image emerges. All pictures tell a story, in the end, but a point of view only. (black)
Page 5,8m2]' : m=10: (unknown script, swirly type)
Page 10*(25+1)Sin(5φ/6)Rad: Though inaccurate due to lack of variety, we see short and succinct is perhaps better. It sums it up, all things considered. (blue)
Page < 1,5h+(4+42)h Lh : h=√10: Though the sudarshana chakra cut rahu. Still he sometimes eats what he should not and causes trouble. This is troubling, but if needed one can go there if one knows the way. (Green atlantean) Technically this is at -1 to listing (black hyneb)
Page (4*52)*(1–(3/2)Cos(2φ/3)): To the ends of the world they flew on wings of thought, crossing the desert, climbing the tree, scaling the mountain, arriving at last in that place where the Ladder to Heaven had broken, the wound still showing though the jagged splinters from the fracture were long gone. (black)
Page 84*Sin((φ/6)Rad)+(3/2)Cos(φ/3Rad)*100: If echoes resound always and confusingly, knowing the identity of the original sound helps in discerning the discrete units and recognizing them in the din and chaos. (hyneb)
Page 10?? 3,3w2 + (4/12)w3]': (infernal)
Page 2:8 < b+1 Lb – d2+d]' : d=11: A chain is made of many links, each barely connected to the whole, but it needs all of them to reach the end. So it is with comprehending. (black)

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