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Annotations and Clarifications

(Part 1 of a double-page spread, together with Page 217)

Enochian, Hyneb, Hyperborean, Lemurian, Math, Norse, Ogham, Sanskrit, Tengwar, Unknown


  • A silvery ankh-like symbol in the upper-right corner of the top page
  • Found in the middle of the first page, towards the top, after the ''newton's third'' entry: f=7 : < 2f Lf φ
  • Right above the six-pointed star is a single word of hyneb, in red ink, unrelated to the text around it, translates to "gradalis"
  • Each page has a sigil at their center, a circle with a star inscribed within, with various symbols and letters, in various colors.


  • Six-pointed star
  • It's composed of one blue and one red triangle intersecting, with a green circle inside. This matches Nobel's vision after Awakening.
  • Has the letters: "H" (tengwar), "E" (ogham), "L" (enochian), ? (unknown, swirly type), "O" (sanskrit), ? (unknown, vertical type)
  • —> Current guess is "Helion" or "Helios"
  • The six-pointed star has 6 letters and the seven-pointed star 7, each from a different alphabet, which adds up to 13 alphabets in total.


Translations & Transcriptions

Title: Annotations and Clarifications (black ogham)
Page 5: by now you should have received quite a lot of guidance and indications about how to see things in new ways. Yet many things are recursive, and once you understand this you will see further directions where you thought you had seen all of them already. For what directed you here shows you the (sh)a(p)e of it all, but hidden in plain sight. (tengwar, green)
Page 7*(-40)*sin -0,25: One does not make a hammer out of glass. One does not make a window out of leather. One does not make clothing out of stone. The substance of all tools bespeak their intentions. Each material leads to its own uses. Consider this, and look again with eyes opened a second time. (hyneb, thick black)
Page 58: Newton's Third (green) open space Page f=7 : <- 2f Lf: φ
Page 30: flitting from tree to tree, driving from city to city, the invisible is detected only by its edges, or where it touches upon the world as it interacts with it (handwriting, red)
Page 14: By carving a candlestick you can portray the profile of someone's face, a phenomenon which in art is known as "Negative Space" (pale black)
Page 110: Third is most important, despite appearances (red)
Page 1: A circle has no true beginning nor end. It is self-contained, wholly and fully. (thick black)
Page (10^3 -200)*Sin(1/4): Minotaur(hyneb). that's obvious. But grander resonances and commonalities and themes exist than that here, and other places.
Page 4,4721360y3 + 15y2 + 15y]': "En hustavle" (lemurian, green)
Page 3:1 < (48x – 5/9) Lx –0,89: Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain! (green)
Page 6:0 <- ((1/2)x)^2 Lx: A map will not transport you where you need to go, a telescope will not find new moons for you. Tools are for assistance, but cannot perform the work for you, merely expedite it considerably. (pale black)
Page 199: You read the text once and you remember. You read the text again, and you have learned. But do consider: Where are you coming from? (blue)
Page 23(Sin φ/6): Because it is so clear it takes a long time to realize it. If you immediately know the candlelight is fire, then the meal was cooked a long time ago (pale black)
Page 2,7182818284590φ(i)+3: Few of those who would call themselves wise consider how all people in such stories are, above all else, people. What is life like for people? What do people's lives contain? (black)
Page 172: The heart is always lighter and your step quicker with a song on your lips (red hyperborean)
Page 36: Automobiles are made of many important components. Some are big and heavy, like the engine, others are less massive, like the chassis, yet it all adds up to a car, even if a part or two are missing after you last took it into the 'shop to have it repaired (blue)
Page 30*3: Prayag, haridvar, ujjain, nasik, murias, falias, gorias, findias (green lemurian)
Page (7^2)–1: Reading may bring knowledge, but seeing can bring understanding. Which way are you going? Also ask yourself: What would an egregore do? (thick black)
Page (1+(1/4))*√(2*5000): Few things are entirely unique. Few people are entirely unequaled or without compare. Few creatures spring into being without cause or circumstance, and even fewer remain unconnected to the world of flesh and life. We all have our peers (green)
Page (14–7)^2: Patience often results in a doubled reward (red)
Page ( (1–(172+10)Cosφ) /2) –1: See, this is what I've been talking about erasmus: Your errors while translating can lead to terrible results! The place spoken of should be where she rested right before setting out, not where she settled down immediately after stopping her travels. Your one error here mirror-inverts the whole narrative! (hyperborean, black)
Page (2^3)^2: undertaking of *ghai- (red)
Page (50*2)–8: A stone rolls downhill in a zig-zagging pattern, to the observer seemingly at random. But a clever man can predict the ultimate conclusion to its path long before the stone ever reaches that point, especially if he knew how it began its tumbling descent. (pale black)
Page (30+3)*2:1 Overcoming the unreliability of a third-hand source is usually achieved by becoming more pro-active, and by doing much of the digging yourself. Especially since you often uncover so much much more than you thought was there. (red)
Page <[(1/4)*x2] +0,92 : x=13: At the beginning, this is what you must answer (lemurian)
Page ((3^2)+2)*7: Even if you know how the trick is done, it is still magic. Especially to those who never learned the trick in the first place. Trust. (pale black)
Page 67+88+59: (unknown alphabet (the swirly one), red ink)
Page (3a4]' /3)+1 : a=2: She'll be coming round the mountain when she comes, yeah, she'll be coming round the mountain when she comes(norse runes, red)
Page (4^2)*(6+4) -3: A |3 C vs |2 |3 |4 (pale black)whymustitbesobloodyhardtogetthespaceyouwantSol Niger (hyneb,pale black)
Page j=3 : j3+j2–j+1: Once and future. Prepositions and other small words can twist entire sentences, or show where cunning lie is hidden as truth. (red, norse runes)
Page (50*3)+(16/2): Prospectors would swiwel mud and sand in their pans, searching always for the fragments of valuable gold hidden among the dirt. (pale black, except one word in gold ink)
Page (5^2 +(5*10/2) )*3 +(3^2 +3): Daniel 4: 13-17, but early lore of originators points at origins and nature of central focus (red, handwriting)


Page (4*Cos(φ/3))*(5*Sin(φ/2)): I WEAR THE CHEESE, IT DOES NOT WEAR ME!….. (written across both pages, along the spine where they meet)

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