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………… Remedy #169
…….adjustment…… Ointment of invisibility
Gather you first a cactus that has flourished for at least a full decade, and cut it open with a silvery knife. Without breaking a single spine you squeeze out a full spoon of its liquid, emptying it into a stone bowl. Add to this a small jar of lard, pure and clean. One knifes' edge of dried toadstool must be mixed with two drops of toad spittle before adding it. One half cup of mandrake root powder and one half cup of vinegar that has liquefied six flawless white pearls and one black one are slowly and concurrently poured into the mixture. Let the mixture be stirred vigorously for a full hour and one minute. On a day of thickest fog bring you the bowl outside, where you light one white candle and perform this verse:

(Written in Tengwar alphabet:)
….. Cactus plant and horney toad
…..I now start down a dangerous road
…..Combine with fire and mist to make
…..Me disappear without a trace

The resulting ointment can be rubbed onto the body of a person, turning it utterly invisible and transparent, the effects last as long as the substance remains on your form. It will not, however, affect any object or nonliving item, including clothing or gear. There is enough for three applications.

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