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1925 - The thyrsus Byron Khun de Povok tries to reawaken entire Garamantean empire through "bio-archaeo-necromancy"
1926 - Last remaining coterie of Bellerophon Society members , along with sir James, disappear without trace.
1926 - Painter Nicholas Roerich leads an expedition to find Shambhala, but British turn him back at Tibet border.
1927 - The Oracle of Typhon published
1928 - The Condiments find remnants from the destruction of New Atlantis
1929 - Clark Ashton Smith begins writing on the first story of his Hyperborean cycle
1930 - Merezhokovsky publishes "The Mystery of the West: Atlantis-Europe", in which he says that Atlantis echoes
1931 - "Atlantis-am-Spree" exhibit in Berlin, produced by both sleepwalker and Awakened artists
1933 - Archaeologist Otto Rahn recruited by Himmler to find the Holy Grail for him
1933 - Richard Chislak's story "The Temple of Zanak Khan" published in the magazine "Thrilling Oriental Tales"
1935 - Ahnenerbe founded, a "study society for intellectual Ancient History", in Nazi Germany
1936 - The poem "And you carried me" is written by Mary Stevenson
1936 - Grönhagen leads a voyage through Karelia to find & record pagan sorcerers & witches, at Himmler's request
1937 - Longest total solar eclipse in 800 years. Same day: Carmina Burana has its premiere
1937 - H.P. Lovecraft dies from cancer. The golden age of Weird Tales ends with him
1937 - Otto Rahn is sent to Dachau for anti-Nazi activism & homosexuality
1937 - Guernica is bombed
1937 - Hindenburg bursts into flames
1937 - Wirth, the founder of the Ahnenerbe, is expelled from his own society
1937 - The Condiments raid the mansion of Tezcatlipoca. Among the items found is a silvery "wand"
1937 - Amelia Earhart disappears. Same date: The Condiments disappear.
1937 - Timothy Campbell steals a silvery coin from an archaeological dig
1937 - Apollo and Hermes steal a silvery coin from a Swiss bank vault
1937 - Golden Gate Bridge opened
1938 - Last time a Daksha met a Dhyan in person
1938 - Nazi explorations of a potential "Antarctic Shangri-La"
1938 - The SS sends Ernst Schaefer's expedition to Tibet to find "Original Source of the Aryan Race"
1938 - Germany annexes Austria. The Hufburg spear in Vienna comes into their possession. Later moved to Berlin.
1939 - Planned Ahnenerbe expedition to Iceland suffers various setbacks, ends up being cancelled
1939-1945 - World War 2
1944 - Project Übermensch concluded. Project Vajra not yet fruitful.
1944 - The poem "Footprints in the sand" is written by Floyd Keeton
1945 - The Red Army seizes Ahnenerbe's occult library of Hyperboria research
1947 - The FBI forms the Repeat Crimes Unit (RCU)
1949 - Lithuanian physicist Ingrid Tyaamat posits that Atlantis sank in the temporal dimension, not the vertical one
1949 - The Society of the Twelve Keys and the RCU join forces, forming their alliance
1951 - The poem "Passos sobre a areia" is written by Ademar de Barros
1954 - The "Xoran Fragment" regains the last of the 3 Arc Spear pieces stolen by Hitler's forces
1955 - Hoover coronated Thirty-Third Degree Inspector General Honorary
1958 - The poem "Footprints in the sand" is written by Burell Webb
1963 - Knights of Maelzel in Baltimore have their first traditional annual expedition to find the Hollow Earth.
1963 - The poem "Footprints" is written by Carolyn Joyce Carty
1964 - The poem "I had a dream" is written by Margaret Fishback Powers
1973 - Dr. Barbara Wintergreen relocated from the MK-Ultra project to SCIU. She vanishes in 1978.
1982 - Reorganization finished, SCIU becomes Vanguard Serial Crimes Unit
1989 - The Great Earthquake hits San Fransisco
1991 - First recorded beginnings of what would later become the Atman Aeternus
1992 - VALIS posts online that the Fall was mankind waking to active consciousness
1993 - Thulskaya Soviet emerges in chaotic post-Gorbachev Russia, seeking to make a "Pure Slavic Thule"
1994 - The Brotherhood of the Endless Ones vote, and decide to create a power base of their own
1995 - Andrea Holm follows a golden bird into the forest, and finds a silvery key
1996 - Lansing facility finished
1999 - New Bellerophon Society begins transmitting its conceptual spacecraft to NASA and ESA satellites
2001 - VALIS claims Atlantis sank on last day of last millennium. All of history is constructed fakery generated by Fall.
2001 - Patriot Act comes into being. The Endless Ones seize the chance for drastic acquisition of resources
2003 - US Department of Homeland Security arises following a major reorganization of government. Paranormal Division founded
2006 - The plans for making a new Glass Mansion are set into action
2007 - The ending of the Lich War officially achieved with the death of the Undying Imperator & dissolution of Tremere Council
2008 - The Archaeomancers find & briefly explore the Eclipse Temple
2012 - According to the claims of the Ancient masters, Atlantis will rise out of the ocean depths.

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