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1579 - Sir Francis Drake founds New Albion
1594 - Sir Walter Raleigh hears of City of Gold & sails off to find it.
1584 - John Dee sells Voynich Manuscript to the Holy Roman Emperor
1600 - Mages in Nanjing, Constantinople and Mexico City all independently have the same idea
1627 - "The New Atlantis" published by Shoal of Night under Francis Bacon's Name
1644 - The Manchu conquer China, spelling the end of the Hong Fu-Sang
1664 - The Jesuit Athanasius Kircher publishes "mundus subterraneus" about Inner Earth Atlantis
1666 - Final stand of Shoal of Night, their final holdings burnt out in the London fire
1679 - Olaf Rudbeck claims Sweden is Atlantis
1683 - Catarine Beldame tracks down and deals with an actual surviving Tremere, and revives it in Venice
1717 - First Masonic Lodge founded
1776 - Mission Dolores founded
1781 - French astronomer Jean Sylvain Bailly states Atlantis must have been above Arctic Circle
1788 - Count Giovanni Rinaldo Carli proposes a theory that a comet destroyed Atlantis
1797 - Coleridge receives a visitor from Porlock
1819 - Von Schlegel coins the phrase "Aryans" to denote the super-race that survived the Cataclysm of Ice
1819 - Drachensohnen founded.
1821 - Shepherds of Night founded in Ireland
1821 - Dread Fellowship of Apep founded by Angra Mainyu, the Tamas of this Age.
1821 - San Fransisco becomes Mexican. As result, strange symbol is found in Mission Dolores basement
1827 - Poe drinks a glass of Syrah Atlantide wine, pressed from grapes grown in ruins of Garmantean gardens
1827 - Astral Storm begins
1829 - Three cabals send expeditions to Antarctica in search of "symzonia". Brotherhood of Catamounts never comes back.
1830 - 'Shoal of Night' survivors & 'Garamantean Inner Ocean' groups have secret Astral War
1847 - More than a dozen mages die mysteriously in their beds due to the Astral Storm. Many more harmed.
1849 - Astral Storm ends with death of Edgar Allan Poe
1850 - Diamond Orders ban Hollow Earth exploration
1857 - The Agra Revelations unveiled, telling stories of Atlantis, Hyperboria, Lemuria and more.
1860 - The Heliopic Brotherhood of Ra officially founded
1871 - Edward Bulwer-Lytton introduces concept of "vril" in the novel "The coming race"
1873 - Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, HPB to friends & foes alike, arrives penniless in New York
1875 - Colonel Henry Olcott founds the Theosophical Society
1882 - Major Richmond returns from India.
1883 - Ignatius Donelly publishes the sequel "Ragnarok: The Age of Fire and Gravel", detailing his comet theory.
1884 - HPB leaves for a trip to Europe. Emma Coloumb tries to expose her fraud while she's away
1884 - Construction of Winchester Manor begins
1885 - Construction of Glass Mansion begins
1885 - Sir James Owsley-Palmer tells of his comet theory, building on existing works & thoughts
1887 - The Glass Mansion in finished
1888 - "The Secret Doctrine" is published, its contents supposedly channeled from "Stanzas of Dzyan"
1890 - Hitchcock gets so many visitors on a regular basis that he seldom dines alone
1890 - Society of Twelve Keys founded by police detectives from Whitechapel CID
1891 - Blavatsky dies and/or ascends
1891 - Kurt Eisler returns from India with his new legacy, the Daksha, and a full copy of the "Stanzas of Dzyan"
1893 - Sir James states that Atlantis was the original fifth planet. The Bellerophon Society founded & named by now.
1899 - Boxer rebellion erupts in China
1900 - Green Dragon Crescent Blade smuggled to California to escape the Righteous Fist of Harmony
1901 - The Glass Mansion vanishes
1902 - Doctor Carp dies
1904 - Paris caucus of Guardians notices that many in Bellerophon Society seek out immensely powerful forces & space rotes
1905 - Heliopic Brotherhood of Ra accuses another cabal of backing out of Inner Earth expedition
1906 - The Great Earthquake hits San Fransisco
1907 - Cargoes of worked brass and crystal arrive at Capetown and subsequently disappear into interior of region
1908 - Tunguska Explosion
1909 - A Prussian industrialist mage pays huge sum for core of Tunguska Meteorite at secret auction
1910 - Charles Leadbeater begins article series which is later published as "The Lives of Alcyone"
1912 - Tall, thin, strange cloaked figures seen shuffling into South African observatory one night
1914-1918 - The First World War
1918 - The Dhyanis leave Madras for parts unknown, to "alleviate psychic storm caused by the war, through intense meditation"
1918 - Thule Gesellschaft founded in Munich, stated to be an intellectual study group
1920 - J. Edgar Hoover raised as Master Mason in Federal Lodge Nr. 1, Washington D.C.
1922 - Sarah Winchester dies
1922 - Owsley-Palmer publishes book "Cheiron's Arrow", proposing trans-supernal forces
1922 - The poem "Footprints in the sand" is written by Ella H. Scharring-Hausen

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