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The Temple Of 7 Pillars

One of the legends told by bards and skalds of the Mysterium is the tale of the fabled Temple of the Seven Pillars. It is a place shrouded in fables and superstition, yet is at heart a morality tale, showing that even the most well learned and powerful among us can not only make mistakes, not only be so set in our way that we blind ourselves from seeing the truth, but that we must overcome our pride and confidence that the beliefs and knowledge we already hold must be correct and true before we can ever achieve true enlightenment. It is not a fable which is much liked by the more orthodox and hidebound of pentacle members for exactly this reason, yet a surprisingly large amount of mystagogues and guardians hold it very dear, teaching it to all their students. The tale itself goes like this:

Before the Fall all mages could draw down magic as they wished, with no need for watchtower or paths. After the formation of the Abyss, however, fewer and fewer human souls managed to Awaken, as the roads to the Supernal were shutting down, and the human spirit slowly forgot its divine heritage. Many Atlantean survivors and descend

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Invisible Ink
The swan is graceful,
pure yet wild,
the pelican gives blood from throat
to feed the child.
The magpie shows a stealing greed,
on carrion will ravens feed.
Lordly eagle soars above,
turtledoves will talk of love.
Birds will be so many things
whenever they can spread their wings.

Alphabet: Atlantean
Colors: Green, Invisible

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