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Danu brought her treasures old,
with ships across the oceans cold,
coins of silver, crowns of gold,
heaps of gifts with value untold.

In land of west her hammer rang,
outside her gate an army sang,
awaiting sound of weapon clang.

But torq she made instead, and crown,
a key, a coin, of great renown,
a chain to keep the weapons down.

Yet Danu came not to our shores,
her children came, in scores and scores,
who loved her to their very cores.
Silvarnis Yaru Artifex

Alphabets: High Speech, Tengwar, Infernal

Translations: 3 words in red ink at the bottom:
Silvarnis Yaru (tengwar), Artifex (infernal)

See also: Page 53, Page 77, and Page 149

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