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Alphabets: Atlantean, Lemurian, Norse Runes



<continued from previous page> Since anything capable of being affected is already a strong focal point for its own set of events and happenings this means that any object made of calamita soon finds itself in the middle of a series of intertwining destinies as several skein-warping subjects congregate in the same location, all of which end up affecting each other in complex and unpredictable ways. Luckily, people without any particular destiny are unaffected, much as even the strongest magnet cannot affect a lump of wood. However, spells which empower subject with new fates, such as forge destiny, also makes you susceptible to the magics of the metal.
TabThe result is that life around such objects quickly becomes tangled and complex, as manifold destinies collide, prophecies interact and important stories meet and warp each other constantly. This, combined with the fact tat (prob. that) calamita objects are usually imbued with powerful fate enhancing spells, means that anyone who finds such an object is in for a world of trouble. (Skadi: No! Shit! Sherlock!) They will, as they say, live in interesting times.

One word in the middle, Norse runes: Kazemahou


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