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Invisible Ink:
Laudate omnes gentes
Laudate dominus
Dona nobis pacem
Gloria in excelsis deo

Alphabets: Hyneb, Lemurian, Latin


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<continued from page 151> fate suffers a comparatively strong reduction in power if imbued into such an item. This enhancement effect does indeed seem to connect the alloy to the arcanum of fate in a way few other substances can match, but the secondary and more subtle effect is what truly makes this alloy noteworthy in Awakened circles: It works as a magnet on things touched by destiny. Literally. (black ink: Jupiter tolv)
tab The potency of the forgng (prob. forging) spell determines how large and important destinies this pseudo-magnetic field can affect. This is because big and important destinies are harder to move around, have more metaphysical weight, are tied more strongly and thoroughly to the web of cause and effect, which means tat (prob. that) more power, more effort is required to affect and shift them. Like mundane magnetic fields this effect lessens and loses strength to affect the further you get from the magnet generating the field.
tab However this doesn't manifest like normal magnetic force. Objects don't experience a physical force pulling them towards the alloy. Rather, events conspire to make sure any sort of destined object or person moves towards the calamita, with the size and directness of event changes dependant upon the strength of the attractive force. Conversely, any action that would move fate-bound subjects away from the alloy are similarly hindered by coincidences and accidents. It should be noted that once a target is within one mile of the calamita, and therefore within the inner zone where the pull of the alloy is strongest, it no longer experiences this inwards pull, though the entrapment effect is still operating.
tab Of course, this is only when the metal is active. Just like how an electromagnet requires a current to exert its force on the surroundings the alloy needs to be fuelled with mana to manifest its influence. The stronger the alloy, the more mana it can channel, which generates a stronger, larger field. In the same vein, just as a magnetic field distorts any existing field it is placed in, so calamita warps the loom of fate, causing events and happenings to change and move and this as it interacts with anything destined. The effect is not unlike the aura of an ananke, something which has intrigued many researchers. The final result is that any observer would see that through seemingly natural occurences (prob. occurrences) everithing (prob. everything) touched by fate would tend to aggregate around the alloy, except for those subjects whose inertial destiny is too heavy for the calamita to shift. <continues on next page>

Hyneb, at the bottom of the page:
- Everything is true, nothing is permitted

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