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Alphabets: Hyneb, Tengwar


  • Hand of Nuada
  • James Owsley-Palmer
  • Bellerophon Society
  • Anatta (tengwar, black ink. Gry notes: => Buddhism concept, the notion of "not-self", or soullessness)

tab Hyneb, underlined words written in Roman script
CAVORITE: Only a mage who is both a master of matter and a disciple of forces can forge this. Deep within the Mysterium vaults of South Afrika there are stored certain rotes and samples of metal which have were recovered from what is believed to be a crash site which occurred in 1908. The crates are labelled as being remnants from a spaceship designed by sir James Owsley-Palmer. Though not nearly enough shrapnel remained to reconstruct the ship's design, and since the Bellerophon Society was more tight lipped and secretive in this area than the Guardians of the Veil and the Seers put together, the only useful information the mystagogues gleaned from the find was the recipes for cavorite and apergium. Cavorite is forged by combining aluminium with Khronicum, the result of which is portrayed in popular culture. unlike many other magical alloys it is workable, and is often beaten into a foil which is used <continues on next page>

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