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Five kings, five kings, five of the ten who once ruled the land which defied samsara. Some there were who died in the Usurpation, some fled during the Exile and never returned, while one remained behind to organize the invasion from the far-off sanctuaries on distant shores. Five from then returned to their ancestral home, along with subjects loyal still. Civil war in dragon home, soon it rent their world asunder, for brother fought with brother dear, and blood familial ran in streets. Five kings returned to fight their war, five kings so battled usurpers foul, who seized the thrones not meant for them. Grown thieves here were holding court, not knowing kings were drawing near, seeking retribution fair. Five kings, five lords, five noble houses, five lineages stretching back to times of immemorial past, holdings secrets handed down to none save royal heirs to throne. Such secrets potent served them well and soon became their winning tool. With hidden lore they did not win, but managed not to lose the war.


I have seen the dark universe yawning
where the black planets roll without aim,
where they roll in their horror unheeded,
without knowledge or lustre or name.

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