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Head and Sun Talons Lower Torso Entire tail
P1050126.jpg P1050127.jpg P1050128.jpg
Wing Upper Torso Upper tail
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Lower River and Left-hand side Grass Tip of tail and Right-hand side of Grass Right-hand side Mountains and Upper River

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Alphabets: Atlantean, Hyperborean, Lemurian, Norse Runes, Sanskrit

Golden Sun:
The Watchers, Grigori of Seventh Heaven, named Danavas,
taught magic to Enmeduranki, seventh patriarch after Adam,
who carved some of it onto 2 pillars at Sais

Mountains and grass:
Here then is the deepest secret of our kind.
Among the truths that matter at any rate.
Namely that the soul never dies.
Oh, the human dies. But not the soul, not naturally.
The body falls to the ground. To rot or burn or crumble
as circumstance demands, but your mind and soul does not.
Your psyche, all your memories and habits and personality, that lingers on as a ghost.
That is what a ghost is: the corpse of a mind.
Then what is the soul?
Well, we say that "I feel sad" or "happy" or "I remember last week",
but are you the sadness? The happiness?
Are you the memory? no. You are the thing having those emotions.
The thing experiencing that memory. The body exists
so the mind can have a medium through which it can interact
with the world around it. A physical interface with the rest of created reality.
A way to receive new input. New sensations that come from outside
the self, and as a means affect changes on that world.
The mind exists so the soul can think, reason, learn, grow,
and interpret what it experiences. But the mind is not the soul,
it is not the core of your being.
The mind is merely the lens you use to have experiences,
just like your body is a vehicle you use to maneuver the physical world.
A mind without a soul is like a car without driver,
like a home without inhabitants. It exists as it has always done,
but it is devoid of purpose. It is like a movie that nobody is watching.
For it thinks and reasons, but nobody is experiencing those thoughts,
humans think and dream.
But the thing which is unique is not the thought itself,
the soul is the energy which is experiencing those thoughts,
the thoughts happen to the soul.
Are imprinted on the soul.
The soul is watching the thoughts.
But the soul IS not the thought.
While the soul might be the purest and most powerful thing in the world,
that also makes it simple.
it needs a mind and a body to grow,
to protect itself, to understand,
to become more than what it is, and
herein lies the real reason for our existence as a species.
The very meaning of our lives and the purpose of the created cosmos.
Only in a world where time exists can change happen,
can a centipede become a butterfly,
can a child mature into an adult.
Only in a world with limits can challenges be met and overcome.
only a world where ideas and reason exists
can there be learning and so souls exist here,
in the base material world,
for only here can souls become itself.

whatever can die is beautiful
more beautiful than the
unicorn who lives forever
and who is the most
beautiful thing in the world

Dragon's body:
It is always so in this world that
those given great gifts of power
will seek even more,
their previous gift making them
aware of the possibility that
blessings can be received.
Thusly is their hunger and
ambition stoked,
and they will slowly begin
to seek and hoard what
they can, becoming
dragons in spirits to replace
the dragons who left this
world after teaching humanity
how to reach for the stars,
but their destines are still a part
of our earthly realms.

Dragon's wing:
The age of dragons never died,
for wonder lives in the heart of man.
For what a piece of work he is,
how infinite in faculty,
in movement how like an ant,
in apprehension how like a god.
Lord what fools these mortals be.
They give to airy nothing a local habitation and a name.
Beware Bellatrix LeStrange for she slew her Dumbledore and centuries later she gathered her deatheaters to herself,
forming a vast army at her command,
using it to take control of her own city.
Then she finally had the resources to finish her grand project at last.

Dragon's talon:
The nature of reality and time itself is more fragile than most people realize or like to think.

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