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Alphabets: Hyneb, Lemurian, Unknown


Hyneb: The book was bound in human skin, and on its cover was printed the symbol of the horned one, devourer and corrupter. Suffice to say, I felt reason enough to handle the tome with care and trepidation, for it was shurely (prob. surely) a force to be reckoned with. Of course, getting my hands on it was difficult enough. It's not exactly the sort of book one flaunts in public, and so locating and acquiring it required effort and resources, not to mention the hours, days and weeks of research which followed so that I could at last read and comprehend the secrets within. And what wecrets (prob. secrets) ! Here are listed not only the names of the five and sixty legions, but also the secret chants of command giving dominion over the first 7 of the 10 hosts, complete with sigils of binding ond (prob. and) glyphs of protection! But that is merely te (prob. the) utilitarian section of the tome. The majority of the chapters proside (prob. provide) amazing insights into the true metaphysical functions of the univers (prob. universe), nay, the cosmos itself! Everywhere I look, I see things as I have never seen them before. Truth has transformed all, for the truth is all-encompassing. But it has also brought new worries, now that I can see the real dangers out there.


Lemurian in red ink: Betrayal is all

Swirly text in the margin: (unknown alphabet)

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