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….. Remedy #14:
…….. The draught of living death
Grind 3 acorns of oak in a brass mortar, making sure to grind the pestle only counterclockwise, and when it has been reduced to a fine powder it is poured into a basin of silver. Measure out a full cup of nightshade juice and add it to the powder, stirring it in with a spoon fashioned of steel. Light you next a charcoal brazier and place the mixture upon it. As the mixture simmers, take thirteen leaves of Asphodel and three spoonfuls of wormwood shavings, stirring them into the brew. Three drops from the juices obtained from the brain of an adult male sloth is dripped slowly into the mix once it has reached a proper boiling. Squeeze the liquid of a sopophorous bean, removing the bowl from the brazier once this is done, pouring it in once the bubbling has subsided. Cut up a single serving of Valerian root into wafer-thin slices before stirring them in. Cover the bowl with a cloth of clean white linen, making sure that the draught is stored in a cool location while it sets. During the subsequent seven nights of full moon you are to bring out the remedy and expose it to the lunar rays. Endeavor to catch as much light as possible, as each moment of absorbed radiance makes the liquid more potent and efficacious. No other light can be allowed to touch its surface until the seventh night of hallowing is finished, lest the endeavor be wholly ruined. The draught is now done, and should be stored in a crystal container. Any drinker will almost immediately fall into a sleep so deep that it is almost indistinguishable from death, a state which lasts for exactly 48 hours. <word in lemurian>

Alphabets: Lemurian

Translation: Agape

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