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Alphabets: Tengwar, Hyneb

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Upside-down golden Tengwar:
Among the ranks of the Asuras there walked those who called themselves Danava, who had once been îrîn before they came here to dwell. Amesha Spenta were their inner council called, 'Those Who Cleave to Aša', and they it was who made that final refuge place. Oldest among that generation there was Ameretat, after whom was named the Amrita, for hers was that blessing. Assisting her often was It-Zam-Nad, she who saw the changes in the heavens, youngest of the Spentas. In matters of war was Ba'al their leader, whom the locals called Mahabali, and under his guidance was it that they revolted against the Gods. Also on the council was Perqunos, great leader, champion, priest and Father. These and others beside them toiled long and hard together, sitting long in meetings, debating their plans and direction and intent. Divided were they often, but united in their hearts by the strong vision set by head of all Danavas.

Silvery Hyneb: (untranslated)

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