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Alphabets: Enochian, Tengwar


Silver enochian, with 2 underlined orange letters are gold ink:

In Heaven a spirit doth dwell
whose heartstrings are a sword.
None fight so wildly well
As the ange
l Anduriel,
a servant of the Lord.

And it is true what books reveal,
and which other sources do cite,
that Anduriel's zeal
is owing to that steel,
the weapon of his might,
so bright it's nigh unreal,
forged by unusual light.

Upside-down Tengwar at page bottom, in silver ink:

Teotihuacan, AEOO ft above sea level, the City of the Gods, abandoned AOO years before the Azteks found an ad named it so. Radiocarbon dating puts the great pyramid at DOO bc., for it was built in the fourth sun. It was the city of Quetzalcoatl, the morningstar, the feathered serpent. It survived the global flood caused by shifts in Earth's Magnetic Fields.

Paul's Notes: Teotihuacan: 7000 ft above sea level. If letters are substitution cypher for numbers, A: 7, E: 0 and O:0. Greatest pyramid: Pyramid of the sun, first stage dated to 100 CE, meaning that D=-1, interestingly. Of course, earliest buildings are from 200 bc, so could be some other pyramid is referred to by "great pyramid".

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