Alphabet: Hyperborean

Pages with Hyperborean

  • Page 3: Et Nos Cedamus Amori; lecture about love; blue atlantean
  • Page 31: Medical blabla followed by explanation of why the book is like it is, Hyperborean and Hyneb; 1 line in french
  • Page 39: Collage of different texts, colors and alphabets; "seven deadly sins", "minotaur", etc
  • Page 43: Text about the Tremere, Hyperborean; green ink
  • Page 56: "Blessed is he who rides the wind", alternating Sanskrit and Tengwar in blue ink, various stuff in the bottom
  • Page 61: Occult diagram, dragon and snake form circle around triangle with pentacle inside; div untranslated writings; red, green and blue ink
  • Page 82: Cluttered text on "Pleromaic Outcasts", interspersed with other writings; red, black and green ink
  • Page 100: The invisible labyrinth / "Watch my dust"; part 2/3
  • Page 105: The human soul in relation to time as we know it, Hyperborean; green ink
  • Page 115: Scenes and tableaux in Nile delta and "far Chi'in and distant Chu"; Disney-Atlantean, green ink
  • Page 120: Unknown (vertical) alphabet
  • Page 135: Dissertation on properties of reflective surfaces, page 2/2; then ''Elbereth'' poem in green, "Iron Crown" exerpt in red, + Hyperborean
  • Page 140: Illustration of a dragon shaped out of writing; many different colors and alphabets
  • Page 149: Collage of various texts mostly in Hyperborean Hyneb and Norse, notably "What though the knight the basilisk hath slain". Golden grail & black sun
  • Page 155: "Aklo" as title, rest is dictionary listings for strange words; red ink; bottom has riddles written sideways in black ink
  • Page 185: A recounting of how the glass mansion works, Hyperborean; blue ink. Additional text with invisible/white ink
  • Page 192: Hyperborean math
  • Page 199: "Atlantheon", Atlantean culture and religion; blue and green ink; part 2/2
  • Page 209: Most of page is Norse runes, then Lemurian and other scribblings
  • Page 216: "Annotations and Clarifications", each listing in different color, script and style; double page spread, part 1/2
  • Page 217: "Annotations and Clarifications", each listing in different color, script and style; double page spread, part 2/2


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