Much of this is copied directly from notebook of translations, some of it directly from wiki-pages

Page 1

  • Identified by Paul as "Auguries of Innocence" by William Blake, as noted on Page 220 where more of the poem is also added.

Page 2

  • The second paragraph has been identified by Skadi the literature-student as the ending to William Shakespeare's "The Tempest", and are spoken by the exiled duke of Milan, the wizard Prospero, when he gives up all his magic powers so his daughter can return home and live a happy life with the man she loves.

Page 3

  • blue ink, title in untranslated latin: ET NOS CEDAMUS AMORI

Page 15

Invisible ink, in Hyneb alphabet:

  • And after all, what is a lie? It's but the truth in maskerade

Page 17

Bottom lines - Norse runes

  • Beyond the confines of the human realm were they banished. Outside man's ability to reach or grasp or climb. Except in dream or prayer. Out, above, beyond: But what do they say about man's grasp, his stance on nature's law?

Invisible text:

  • The bird fights its way out of the egg. The egg is the world. Whoever wants to be born must destroy a world. The bird flies to God. That God's name is Abraxas.

Page 19

title in Sanskrit


  • 'Tzitzimitl' is the singular version of the word, the plural is 'Tzitzimimeh', which appears on Page 180, together with the phrases "eclipse temple" and "calendar machine"
  • See also the mythology of the legacy known as the ''Dreamers of the Black Sun''

Page 21

  • blue ink: Kneel Again, Kin
  • red ink - Latin: Consummatum Est -> It is about to be added up / finished (or with google translate: "It is finished")

Page 23

  • Though slightly difficult to discern in the photo, the words "silver coin" are written with silver ink

Page 27

  • A line of untranslated lemurian writing along the outermost margins of the left, top and right-hand edges of the page
  • A set of numbers and operators in the bottom-left corner of the page

Mottoes Shown:

  • Nisi dominus frustra —> Lest through the Lord, [it's] in vain
  • Tempus frangit —> Time breaks
  • Sempre Viva —> Living forever!
  • Auri sacra fames —> Accursed hunger for gold

Page 28

Poem continued/finished in invisible ink:
Seven lords of heaven stand,
Seven planets, metal brand.
Seven are they, but one more
binds them to their very core,
not star herself but void between,
the night by which the light is seen,
through all the ages has she been
the sky is in itself a queen.

Page 31

one sentence in French between first and second line

  • Babelfish => The spirit poor condemn ordinary all that passes their doors (=> The poor spirit condemn all that surpass their enlightenment as ordinary ?)

Page 33

Sentence in Tengwar alphabet, green ink:

Lists the following numerical operations, Hyperborean numbers, red ink:

(4*5 +1) 7*2 7 3*5 4*3 9 1 8+6 30 ]- 10
21 14 7 15 12 9 1 14 ?

Page 34

Atlantean alphabet, green ink:

  • Ascension War
  • The Games of Divinity
  • Exarchs vs Oracles
  • Pax Arcanum

Page 35

Latin, written in-between the lines:
Red Ink Translation
Kyrie eleison
mea culpa
mea maxima culpa
Kyrie eleison
Lord have mercy
my sins
my great sins
Lord have mercy

Page 36

Sanskrit numbers and operations, one line at the bottom, blue ink:

7 of 3 4 of 3 +2 5+2 3 of 5 6 of 2 9 1 8+6 10 of 4 / 2
? ? 7 ? ? 9 1 14 ?

Pauls Notes: Excerpt from TS Eliot - The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock.

Page 37

Written in the middle of page's text:

  • At the door of life by the gate of breath
  • there are worse things waiting for men than
  • death

Also: silver ink, one word in Hyneb in the middle of the text:

  • Ulbandi

Page 38

Three short lines in Hyneb alphabet is written in red ink in between the lines of the main text:

  • fair trade was a
  • demonic sacrament of
  • epic proportions

Page 39

Two words in blue ink written vertically near the bottom to the left - Tengwar alphabet

  • Tempus redux => time returning / returning time?

Three Hyneb words in blue ink, sideways along top of left-hand margin

Two words, black ink, right at top-edge, to the right

  • Xoran xamballah

Three lines in Hyneb, in black ink, beneath first block of red text

  • All who happiness would win
  • must share it, happiness
  • was born a twin.

Hyneb, invisible ink

  • Ratava

mentions of Minotaur
Also: Untranslated notes and scribbles in Enochian, Lemurian, Hyneb and Hyperborean

Page 41

Blue ink, bottom of page:

Page 43

Hyneb word in upper right corner, blue ink:

  • Anthelios

Page 49

Two lines squeezed in at very bottom of page, black ink (vs rest of page which is in Red ink):

  • Oh my darling Caroline, your are lost and
  • gone forever, oh my darling Caroline.

(see also Page 137)


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Page 52

Lines of Lemurian found between lines of main text, in two different places, black(-ish) ink:

  • Untranslated

Page 53

Latin sentence in green ink above the middle to the right - Atlantean alphabet:

  • Fortes fortuna adiuvat / tavuida (depending on how you read the second line)

Two words in margin, Sanskrit:

  • silvarnis yaru

One sentence at the bottom to the right - Norse runes:

  • Angon Vajra of Hurakan

Paragraph of Hyneb, top right corner:

  • I put a button on it, I want to push it but I don't know what it does. Survival is paramount

Page 54

Red ink written "behind" the main text:

  • So much for subtlety

Written along top of page, untranslated Latin:


Written along left edge of the page:

  • the correspondence is scrambled

Also: Various symbols, icons, glyphs and similar scattered throughout the text.

Page 55

Single word in Sanskrit in bottom left corner:

Page 56

Clump of black-inked Hyperborean in bottom left corner:

  • Maya, oldest of the 7 sisters, who gave birth in Arcadia space illusion

One word in Sanskrit, bottom left, next to the red runes:

  • maya

Two words in red ink at the bottom to the left - Norse runes:

  • Gematria ascendant

Three lines in Infernal at the bottom, right-hand side:

  • Beyond the north, beyond the ice, beyond death, our life, our happiness, our power.

Towards bottom-right corner, paragraph of green Lemurian:

  • Families suck
  • Families rock
  • They do both
  • They rock and they suck

Page 60

Added along top of page, in Latin:


Written "behind" the main text, in red ink:

  • Such as the world has never seen "

Also: Two-three symbols interspersed with the text, possibly alchemy-related

Page 61

In blue ink along the sides of the triangle in the illustration - Tengwar alphabet:
1 - Cibboleth Faith
2 - Longevity
3 - Potestas

Page 63

Line of Tengwar written along the left-hand edge of the page:

  • The soul is not in the body, the body is inside the soul

Word in golden ink, top of page, more or less centered:

  • belgarath

Page 68

Two lines of Infernal, along bottom-most edge of the page:

  • In the land of the iron sun, whose light deceives and illuminates what is not really there

Page 69

Two Hyneb lines, one at the top, one at the bottom:

  • Mi ami? (My friend?)
  • It is no way to live, to wait to love

Two Lemurian words in blue ink:

  • Nahui ollin

Page 70

In green ink to the right of the upper half of the page - Enochian alphabet:

Second line, one word in green ink on each side a word in black ink in a different alphabet - Atlantean Alphabet:

  • Shambal lah (prob. meant to be Shamballah in one word)

Page 74

Two lines added after main text of page:

  • A dog starved at his master's gate | predicts the ruin of the state.

Page 77

One sentence at the bottom, to the left - Atlantean alphabet:

  • Silvarnis yaru

One sentence at the bottom, to the right, blue ink:

  • Nae Kin Linkage

Page 78

Two Hyneb letters in blue ink, lower right end of page:

  • Untranslated

Page 82

Various small words/phrases in black ink scattered across text, of various alphabets

  • In tengwar: Smith (to the left, just below the beginning of line 5)
  • In hyneb: Warriorgeneral
  • In hyperborean: Priestking

Large words in dark green ink spread throughout the text - Atlantean alphabet:

Page 86

Latin paragraph under the main text:
"Potestatem matres nostrae in tenebris invoco. Maledictum filium tuum abomini periculo custodias nunc et in saecula!"

-"I call upon the power of our mothers in the darkness. Cursed shall be thy son, keep the danger of an abomination now and for ever!"
-"I call the power of our mothers in the darkness. Cursed shall be your son to keep now and for ever the danger of abominations!"

Invisible Ink:
To save the world you risk destroying it
Great endeavors can be usurped
Past returns again, again, the masks they change yet
do old figures still remain

Page 89

The border around the main text - Ogham alphabet, partially Latin:

  • It's as all my life has been nothing but a lover's quarrel with the world. Omnia vincit amor, et nos cedamus amori. (Translation: Love conquers all, so let us all give in to love.)

Invisible text hidden 'behind' main text:

  • Druj
  • Tamas
  • Ahriman
  • From the always she presides

Page 91

One sentence in the middle, black in - Norse runes:

  • I bury it in you

Page 95

Invisible text hidden 'behind' main text:

  • The Sigil of Ipos
  • It endows wit and courage
  • Helps one retain friends and make new ones
  • Has knowledge of the past and the future
  • Classification: White magic

Page 98

Word in golden ink, right-hand side, roughly midways down from the top:

  • garion


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Page 104

One sentence at the top - Atlantean alphabet:

  • Chutultech preserve

Invisible text hidden 'behind' main text:

  • Maiden
  • Mother
  • Crone
  • Seductress
  • Smith
  • Warrior
  • Father
  • Other
  • 7

Page 105

Two Hyperborean words in blue ink, in middle of the text:

  • Tempus redux

Tiny Lemurian word, top-right corner:

  • Eros

Page 106

Paragraph of Lemurian squeezed in beneath the main text:

  • Untranslated

Page 107

Complex geometric figure/sigil of gold and silver takes up most of the page, forcing rest of text towards the edges. This exact symbol was emblazoned on Metatron's tabard and in his legacy-granted 'angelic form' during the photo-shoot at the end of the Convocation.

Page 108


Page 109

Invisible text hidden 'behind' main text:

  • Ikke som en cæsar gjorde,

skal du med et sverd bevæbne
deg mot verden, men med ordet;
Amor Fati - elsk din skjebne.

Denne formel skal du fatte
som din sterkeste befrier:
Du har valgt din sti i krattet.
Ikke skjel mot andre stier.

Også smerten er din tjener.
Lammet, sønderknust, elendig,
ser du at den gjenforener
deg med det som er nødvendig.

Page 112

One word in black ink at the bottom to the right - Tengwar alphabet:

  • Ulbandi

Two words in black ink at the bottom to the left- Hyneb alphabet:

  • Helix Gemini

Page 114

Written upside down at the bottom of the page, in Tengwar alphabet, with Silver ink:

  • Teotihuacan, AEOO ft above sea level, the City of the Gods, abandoned AOO years before the Azteks found an ad named it so. Radiocarbon dating puts the great pyramid at DOO bc., for it was built in the fourth sun. It was the city of Quetzalcoatl, the morningstar, the feathered serpent. It survived the global flood caused by shifts in Earth's Magnetic Fields. "

Page 115

Atlantean, Black ink, bottom of page:

  • User nine two seven, beware him

Black ink, one word of Hyperborean, upper half, to the right:

  • Untranslated

Page 120

Word in golden ink, bottom of the page, to the left:

  • polgara

Word in Hyperborean, along the bottom edge, in the middle:

  • Untranslated

Page 122

Along bottom-edge of the page, blue ink:

  • Ken Leaking In

Untranslated Latin paragraph beneath main text, green ink:

  • Potestatem matris nostrae in tenebris invoco. Maledictum filium tuum abomni periculo custodias nunc et in saecula!

Page 129

Paragraph of Hyneb after the main text, in red ink:

  • The only righteous act within the art of goetia is to summon up the Eidolon

Page 130

Sanskrit line in the margin, top-right corner:

  • End of Time, Part 2

Page 131

Four Hyneb letters, one in each corner, in silver ink:

  • Untranslated

Invisible text hidden 'behind' main text:

  • Not added

Page 135

Two lines of Hyperborean at the very bottom of the page:

  • Untranslated

Page 137

Two words in black ink written along the right side of the page - Tengwar alphabet:

  • Gopiter / Jupiter VII
  • (word in different alphabet) Licq / Lick

Rhyme added at the bottom-right of the page:

  • But if a writer should be quite consistent | how could he possibly show things existent?

Hyneb along the left-hand margin:

  • "nothing ends that isn't something else starting"

Lemurian between the two columns, at the top of the page:

  • Gaudium -> google translate through latin gives "joy"

Blue Hyneb right under that again:

  • "anagram"

Lemurian in bottom-left corner of the page:

  • "cup of kadath christ"

Green-inked Lemurian text:

  • The bonds of family bind both ways: They bind us up, help us. And they are also a bond from which it is difficult, perhaps impossible to extricate oneself. There are many people who show us this; had they not been family, why then they could have had nothing to do with each other, and both their lives would have been enriched. Instead they were family, and this was, to say the least, unfortunate. Still, that is the way of things.

Black hyneb underneath that bit:

  • Not so Leonidas and Washington,
  • whose every battlefield is holy ground,
  • which breathes of nations saved,
  • not worlds undone.

Gry notices: In the Caroline-poem there's some letters that are bigger and bolder than the rest, which together spell out "moros"

Page 138

One Lemurian word at the very end of the text, in red ink:

  • Agape

Page 139

Sideways Lemurian writing on the rightmost edge of the page, in red ink:

  • Betrayal is all

Page 140

Sanskrit, golden ink, written to form the shape of a sun in the background:

  • The Watchers, Grigori of Seventh Heaven, named Danavas, taught magic to Enmeduranki, seventh patriarch after Adam, who carved some of it onto 2 pillars at Sais

Page 143

Various symbols scattered across the page, potentially alchemical in origin, of red, gold and silver ink

Page 146

One word at the bottom to the left - Norse runes:

  • Chou

Page 147

One Tengwar word in black in, where the text changes from standard writing to Hyneb:

Page 149

One word in black ink written vertically along the left side of the page, underneath two lines of Norse runes - Tengwar alphabet:

Vertically along the left side - Norse runes:

  • The abyss is the Fall. We can't travel over or across with engines or movement - which is why going back before the Fall is impossible - for to do so is to cross the abyss itself.

Small blue word in Hyneb

  • "Minotaur"

Hyperborean words listed beneath the big central poem

Cockatrice Manticore
Gorgon Fåvne
Caroline Basilisk
Jormungandr Iago


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Page 150

Lemurian sentence in the left-hand margin of the page, red ink:

  • Les espirits mediocres condamnent d'ordinaire tout ce qui passe leur portés

Page 152

Invisible text filling out the open spaces of the illustration, and the page in general:

  • Not added

Page 153

Hyneb sentence along bottom-edge of page, in black ink:

  • Everything is true, nothing is permitted

Page 154

One word in the middle - Norse runes:

  • Kazemahou

Page 158

Two words in red ink at the bottom - Tengwar alphabet:

  • Silvarnis Yaru (word in different alphabet)

Page 162

One sentence in green ink between the second and third line of the main text - Atlantean alphabet:

  • I regret the way that pain has taught me nothing (Addendum: Turns out later to become Low-Key's last words)

Page 164

One sentence in the middle, blue ink - Norse runes:

  • Second into third Thelemic Aeon requires assistance

Page 166

Fifth paragraph (1) + 3 lines written vertically along the right side (2) - Atlantean alphabet:
(1) Dragon dreams are served in many ways by different people yet does she really serve herself that is the question
(2) I take this key | and I bury it in you | because you're unforgiven too
Lines written in white/unseen ink between the paragraphs:

  • Not added

Page 177

String of numbers found in the middle of the text:

  • 211471512911420

Untranslated german words/phrases interrupting the text, sometimes mid-word:

  • unrecht zeit
  • gegenwart wiedergewinnung
  • das buch ist der schlüssel

Page 180

One line written upside down at the bottom - Tengwar alphabet:

  • Tzitzimimeh, eclipse temple, calendar machine

Page 184

Three words untranslated Latin, randomly amidst the text, in red ink:

  • Lux ex nihilo

Page 185

Writing in white/pseudo-invisible ink 'behind' the main text:

  • (Thus far none have been able to discern the writing clearly enough to transcribe it, let alone put it online)

Page 187

Three lines of untranslated latin in big gothic letters along the right-hand-side of the page:

  • Noctem propulsanda est!
  • Invenire vitium suum
  • noster spes sola est!

A 4-letter word of enochian letters in green ink, towards top right corner:

  • Untranslated

Page 188

Several individual letters throughout the text are in a totally different alphabet (tengwar) than the rest of them (hyneb), spelling out a word:

  • Kherem

Page 189

Two words of untranslated french, in very small and plain writing along, the right-hand-side margin:

  • un brancardier

Page 192

One word in the middle, Norse runes:

  • Bwahahahahahahahahaha

Short way above that, a line of Hyperborean text:

  • Ecaps fo diov —-> Void of space

Page 193

  • A sole symbol at the right-hand margin, bit below middle of the page, in silver and gold

A sentence scattered amidst the rest of the strange text:

  • the jewels are hidden where nobody but me
  • can
  • find them

Page 194

Invisible text

Page 198

A sentence in red lemurian writing wedged in between the lines of the main text:

  • The Lord of Murder has perished

Page 199

A sentence in red hyneb writing wedged in between the lines of the main text:

  • The Queen of Spades is lover of Death

A sentence in green hyperborean text wedged in between the lines of the main text:

  • The five suns indicate gold discs

One word in bottom-left corner, in silver ink:

  • Skaft


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Page 200

Three words over two lines, written upside down at the bottom to the right - Norse runes:

  • White knight
  • 10th

Page 204

  • A large number of symbols and glyphs scattered throughout the text itself

Words in black ink scattered through the lower 1/3 of the main text
Tengwar alphabet:

Enochian alphabet:

Lemurian alphabet:

  • The Great Gig In The Sky
  • Us and Them

Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3

Page 215

Lines of Infernal writing wrapped around the edges of the page like a border:

  • You call yourself some kind of goddess and you know nothing, madam, nothing. What don't die can't live. What don't live can't change. What don't change can't learn. The smallest creature that dies in the grass knows more than you. You're right. I'm older. You've lived longer than me but I'm older than you. And better'n you. And, madam, that ain't hard.


  • A silvery ankh-like symbol in the upper-right corner of the top page

Each page has a sigil at their center, a circle with a star inscribed within, with various symbols and letters, in various colors

  • Top page: Six-pointed star, with letters "h" (tengwar), "e" (ogham), "l" (enochian), ? (unknown), "o" (sanskrit), ? (unknown) (current guess thus far: ''Helion'' or ''Helios'')
  • Bottom page: Seven-pointed star, with letters: "b" (infernal), "a" (latin), "b" (hyperborean), "a" (lemurian), "l" (hyneb), "o" (norse), "n" (atlantean)
  • The six-pointed star is composed of one blue and one red triangle intersecting, with a green circle inside. This matches Nobel's vision after Awakening.


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